Saturday, August 7, 2010

What to Blog About

Urban Native
As the documenter for team, I created this blog so that we could get our process and thoughts out in the open.  In one sense, it allows team members to interact between face-to-face meetings.  In another, it gives the casual observer a chance to peer into what goes on in a collaborative endeavor.

I wanted the blog to be central to my to my video documentation.  Rather that wait to build a culminating video piece at the end of the project, I thought it would be more interesting to provide vignettes of our activity on an ongoing basis.  It fits with my preference to work in a short-form video format.

I hope Debby, Virginia and Tina will join me in using this blog as an opportunity to "just let loose" with comments and (especially) opinions.   We shouldn't be forced to be polite all the time.  Insight often travels a rugged road.

Being a "living document," the blog allows its reader to become a collaborator in the documentation.  The reader may not only comment on something, but perhaps even request information from/about one of the team members.  Who knows, maybe a reader's observation may have an impact on the final piece that Debby and Virginia create!


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  1. Rich, great comments. I like your comment that "Insight often travels a rugged road." Yes, indeed.

    ~~~ Virginia Lukei